Kollaborator Productions Inc. (KP) was founded in 2005 in southern California. At KP, we strive to reach the best out of our clients and artists, blending unique styles and creating memorable music. We specialize in a sound that incorporates the very best of East Coast grit. There are many facets to Kollaborator Productions Inc. We pride ourselves in being able to offer quality Recording, Producing, Mixing, and Scoring to our customers. We believe that music has no bounds.

Music Services


KP Beats prides itself on delivering quality mixes. Getting a professionally mixed song is easy. Choose a mixing package, send us your files and we will deliver radio/performance ready mixes with a fast turnaround.

Hours and Availability: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week


Great mastering may be the only thing your music is missing, and most musicians take this crucial step for granted. Why spend money and time on something you believe in and not add the final touches to sweeten the sound and provide the levels of intensity needed for radio-ready hit.

KP Beats masters your product in a perfectly tuned room with an experienced engineer and world class gear to create a Redbook Standard PCMCD of your music that can rival the quality of your favorite major label releases. We offer a powerful combo of cutting edge technology and classic tube gear in our mastering room.

Custom Beats

Can’t find that track you hear in your head from our collection of beats? Let us bring that beat to life for you! With our years of experience, we guarantee that you will love your custom track.

KP Beats is committed to providing every customer and project with 100% undivided attention from start to finish. We will take your thoughts into consideration and suggest ideas to enhance your vision.

Have songs piled up in your notebook, but can’t seem to find the perfect beats for them? Send us your acapellas and allow us to make custom beats around your ideas!


Contact us and let us do all the work