Kollaborator Productions Inc. (KP) was founded in 2005 in southern California. At KP, we strive to reach the best out of our clients and artists, blending unique styles and creating memorable music. We specialize in a sound that incorporates the very best of East Coast grit. There are many facets to Kollaborator Productions Inc. We pride ourselves in being able to offer quality Recording, Producing, Mixing, and Scoring to our customers. We believe that music has no bounds.

Beat Store

Your source for high quality Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and Trap music instrumentals.

Music Services

Artist Consulting

Kollaborator Productions provides professional consulting services specifically relating to artist development with expertise working with a variety of artists encompassing a wide array of genres including, Trap, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel and Jazz. Consulting Services we offer include but are not limited to Artist Bio, Photo Shoot, Logo Design, Promotional Cards, E-Flyer, CD Set-Up, Web Design, Set-Up of all Social Media Accounts as well as all registration for tracking and allocation of royalty distribution (Physical & Streaming) Etc.