AMACULANT - GET UP & DANCE - Featuring Dondiel

The name Amaculant embodies an abbreviated name of the artist and the biblical model of a child born without being conceived through physical actions between a man and woman, also known as Immaculate Conception. Amaculant’s style, sense of purpose and ability to reach any ear through his music gives credence to the name. With there presently being so many talented hip-hop artist what makes Amaculant stand out are his concepts, storytelling ability, and range of rap style. He has the fundamental skillset and techniques of a Nas or Rakim with the soulfulness of the Roots or Scarface, the funk and twist of Outkast and the consciousness of Kendrick Lamar or J Cole.

Instead of following the current trends, Amaculant boasts new sounds mixed with an appreciation of classic ones. Amaculant’s message is creative soul spoken from the heart and held up by the streets. His passionate flow depicts the messages many find trouble speaking through the mic. Songs such as Made to Love and Excited show the duality of having an humble understanding of the high priority of love for ones self and others vs. antagonistically feeling the excitement of those who value you for things superficial. Throughout his current project Amaculant Conception, Amaculant bears and overcomes conflicting life stories while entertaining the mind, body and soul of the listener.

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